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Green Card Soldier
Green Card Soldier

A heart-wrenching story...

...that marches through the exploits of a naïve Bosnian teen who joins the U.S. Army to earn his American citizenship while coming to grips with the upheavals in his homeland. The tale is told by a cynical, yet self-deprecating, war correspondent who, over the years, has reported on similar pursuits in bizarre locations around the globe.

Hellgate Press

This website's intended to inspire, inform and educate visitors about how Green Card Soldiers  can become naturalized citizens. Along the way, I hope you learn about my novel, have some fun and find a little time to give me feedback... Thanks and enjoy!

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The book’s theme is as fundamental as the core values of any American Soldier: Life can become richer and everyone become stronger when we look beyond stereotypes and appreciate each other for the unique individuals we are.


U.S. Army Maj. Gen. (Ret.) John G. Meyer, Jr.

CEO, J. G. Meyer & Associates


Publisher’s Note:   General Meyer is a proud and dedicated Soldier with 33 years of distinguished service to his credit. He's also the author of Company command: the bottom line,  an authoritative leadership text widely used throughout the Defense Department.

Green Card Soldier moments...

As I come across intriging and inspiring photos of American service members engaged in the naturalization experience, I will post them here as encouragement for other Green Card Soldiers  seeking information about becoming a U.S. citizen.

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Second novel goes to press

This novel – Munich Spring – is about a group of everyday free thinkers in Germany during the tumultuous time that was the late 1980s European upheaval. It’s told by Heath Winslow – a cynical, self-deprecating freelance journalist – who seeks to boost awareness of societal swings while buttressing himself against the push by many to remain steadfast.

Set in Bavaria, the novel recounts the dynamic interactions between characters as they attempt to deal with the political, social, and economic shifts sweeping Europe. The adventure culminates in the fall of the Berlin Wall and far-reaching changes impacting the continent.

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